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Jake MacAulay
CEO, Institute on the Constitution
"The Biblical Purpose of Civil Government"


Monday, November 13, 2017

7 - 9 PM

Wyandotte Senior Center
1164 Wyandotte Avenue
Mansfield, 44906

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Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport 2
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The New, Improved, Fearless And Relentless Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association (The Non-Partisan Tea Party)


Ransom Adams, Carl Hastings and Bonnie Oleksa


"With God, all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

Motto of the State of Ohio




Endorsed Candidates

The following candidates are SOCIAL and FISCAL CONSERVATIVES.

It's time to end the corruption and reclaim our Republic.


November 8, 2016, Contested Races

Donald J. Trump, For President

Tom Connors, For U. S. Senate

Dan Phillip, For U.S. Congress (7th. District)

Lisa L. Woods, For Ohio State Board of Education (5th. District)


November 6, 2012, Contested Races

Josh Mandel, For U.S. Senator

Josh Mandel For U.S. Senate


Larry Obhof, For State Senate (22nd. District) This turned out to be a mistake. He told us he was a Conservative, when in reality he is a RINO.

Obhof For Ohio State Senate


Bryan C. Williams, For State Board of Education (5th. District)

Bryan Williams For State Board Of Education District 5


Terrence O’Donnell, Ohio Supreme Court

Re-Elect Justice Terrence O'Donnell - Ohio Supreme Court


Robert Cupp, Ohio Supreme Court

Home - Cupp for Justice


Sharon Kennedy, Ohio Supreme Court

Kennedy for Ohio


Jeanette Moll, Ohio Court Of Appeals (5th. District)

Moll For Judge


November 6, 2012, Issues

Ohio State Issue 1, Ohio Constitutional Convention Question - No

Issue 1 Explanation


Ohio State Issue 2, Ohio Redistricting Amendment - No

Issue 2 Explanation



March 6, 2012, Contested Races

Rick Santorum, For Delegates To The National Convention

Rick Santorum For President


Eric LaMont Gregory, For U.S. Senator

Eric LaMont Gregory - US Senate Campaign 2012


Hombre Liggett, For Representative To Congress (7th. District)

Hombre Liggett For Congress - Ohio's 7th District


Bill Yarbrough, For Representative To Congress (12th. District)

Yarbrough For Liberty - Ohio's 12th District


Jeanette Moll, For Judge Of The Court Of Appeals (5th. District)

Jeanette Moll


Jim Woods, For Member Of The State Central Committee, Man (22nd. District)

Welcome Center For The Conservative Grassroots (This is the web site for Jim's group)


Sharon Ray, For Member Of The State Central Committee, Woman (22nd. District)  A mistake.  Ray returns no phone calls.

Sharon Ray :: ReCharge Medina County


No Endorsement, State Representative (2nd. District)


Kory Kent, For County Commissioner (Full Term Commencing 1-2-13)

Kory Kent for Richland County Commissioner 2012



November 2, 2010


Joe Miller, U. S. Senate Candidate

Joe Miller for U.S. Senate



Christine O'Donnell, U. S. Senate Candidate

Christine O'Donnell for U.S. Senate —

Fighting For The First State



Marco Rubio, U. S. Senate Candidate

Marco Rubio for US Senate


Allen West, U. S. House of Representatives Candidate, District 22

Allen West for Congress | Official Site



Rand Paul, U. S. Senate Candidate

Rand Paul 2010 | U.S. Senate



Sharron Angle, U. S. Senate Candidate

Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate | Official Site




U. S. Senator, Eric Deaton

Deaton For Senate 2010

U. S. Representative (Congress), District 4, Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan For Congress

U. S. Representative (Congress), District 13, Tom Ganley

Tom Ganley for U.S. Congress

U. S. Representative (Congress), District 16, Jeffrey J. Blevins

Blevins For U.S. Congress



Governor/Lt. Governor – No Endorsement

Attorney General, Robert Owens

Owens For Ohio

Auditor of State – No Endorsement

Secretary of State, Charles R. Earl

Welcome to Earl For Ohio

Treasurer of State, Matthew P. Cantrell

Cantrell for Ohio

State Senator 19th District, Kris Jordan

Kris Jordan for State Senate

State Representative 73rd District, David Nitzsche

David Nitzsche for State Representative

State Representative 90th District – No Endorsement

State Representative 99th District, Casey Kozlowski

JOINCASEY2010.COM | Casey Kozlowski for House of Representatives 99th District



Chief Justice – Supreme Court – No Endorsement – See Note on Supreme Court Judges

Supreme Court Justice – No Endorsement – See Note on Supreme Court Judges

Court of Appeals Judge, 5th District

Robert Brent Vollmer

Vote Vollmer

Judge of Common Pleas – Domestic Division

No Endorsement




County Auditor, Patrick W. Dropsey

Dropsey for Richland County Auditor



The Greater Cincinnati Right to Life surveyed the following candidates.  We are not endorsing any of these candidates, but we are providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  Click on the link to read the surveys.

Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court

Eric Brown – Did not respond to survey

Maureen O'Connor

Justice of Ohio Supreme Court

Mary Jane Trapp – Did not respond to survey

Judith A. Lanzinger



Art Robinson, U. S. House of Representatives Candidate, District 4

Art Robinson for Congress



Pat Toomey, U. S. Senate Candidate,

The Official Campaign Website for Pat Toomey for U.S. Senate


South Carolina

Tim Scott, U. S. House of Representatives Candidate,

District 1

Vote Tim Scott


Nikki Haley, Governor

Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor