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Jake MacAulay
CEO, Institute on the Constitution
"The Biblical Purpose of Civil Government"


Monday, November 13, 2017

7 - 9 PM

Wyandotte Senior Center
1164 Wyandotte Avenue
Mansfield, 44906

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Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport 2
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The New, Improved, Fearless And Relentless Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association (The Non-Partisan Tea Party)


Ransom Adams, Carl Hastings and Bonnie Oleksa


"With God, all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

Motto of the State of Ohio






Ohio Jobs And Justice PAC


Immigration By The Numbers



Before watching these videos, turn off the Immigration

video by clicking on the pause button.

August 26, 2006

Mexican Flag Flies Over Maywood, California Post Office

Protesters Clash In Farmers Branch, Texas



Later That Day Maywood Police

Remove Mexican Flag



November 4, 2006

The Cost Of Illegal Immigration



May 7, 2007

Illegals Hold "Peaceful" Rally In Los Angeles

Warning:  Foul Language



January 18, 2008

Americans Fired For Not Speaking Spanish



February, 4, 2010

Illegals Cross Border With Firearms

(Including A MAC-10 Machine Gun) And Drugs



March 3, 2010

Illegals Arrested At Paper Mill For Felony Identity Theft

44 Jobs Open Up For Americans



April 23, 2010

Arizona Governor Signs Illegal Immigration Bill



May 1, 2010

Will Arizona's Illegal Immigration Bill Come To Ohio?

Over Governor Strickland's Dead Body.



May 6, 2010

Think Arizona's Immigration Law Is Tough?

Take A Look At Mexico's.



May 7, 2010

obama Jokes Over Arizona's Illegal Immigration Nightmare



May 15, 2010

Governors Brewer And Palin Are Fed Up With The Feds



June 25, 2010

obama, Arizonans Are Still Waiting For Your Help



July 6, 2010

obama To The People Of Arizona, "See You In Court!"